When it’s critical to your operations,
it’s an Advanced Dynamics mission!

In addition to our proven handling and processing systems, ADCL’s engineering team can design and have built machines to meet
almost any heavy handling requirement. Secondly, our R&D team can help our clients develop new processes and production methods.

ADCL is your partner in improving your productivity in your aluminium plant whether you need a robot cell or a simple conveyor. Our group of highly trained engineers, designers, and project managers will help you get the most of your plant on time and within your budget.

We take pride in developing new equipment or an overall material handling solution for your specific operations. Contact us today!

We can take on your toughest challenges. Our goal? Increase your productivity. 5 decades of successful business speak for themselves.


  • Primary Metals

    Carbon Electrode Handling and Cleaning Systems

    For carbon producers who provide electrodes for electric arc furnaces (EAF), ADCL provides a complete line of electrode handling and cleaning systems, which include:

    • Roller and chain type conveyors specifically suited to the environment of the carbon plant
    • Sagger can load/ unload machines
    • Electrode brush type and scraper type cleaning systems
    • Load/ Unload of carbon electrode machining centers
    • Upenders/ Downenders
    • End Facing Machines
    • Weigh stations and labelling stations
    • Bundle formation and strapping stations

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    Copper, Nickel and Cobalt Stripping Systems

    For electrolytic refineries for Copper, Nickel, Cobalt and Zinc, ADCL provides a complete line of electrode (anode/ cathode) handling and processing systems which include:

    • Chain conveyors
    • Transfer Cars
    • Robotic pick and place
    • Rinse stations, Acid wash stations
    • High pressure wash stations
    • Shot blast stations
    • Rotary and linear type stripping systems to remove metal from cathodes
    • Rotary and linear type anode preparation stations (manual and automatic)
    • Vision inspection stations to analyse quality of harvested metal and condition of cathodes.
    • Sheet stacking, labelling and strapping equipment.
    • Integrated software for harvesting schedule
    • Fully integrated controls system

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    Coil Handling and Packaging Systems

    For coil producers, ADCL provide a complete range of mechanized, semi-automatic and fully automatic coil handling and packaging equipment including the following:

    • Coil Cars – ID/OD
    • Conveyors
    • Upenders
    • Turnstiles
    • Manipulators
    • Weigh Scales
    • Stretch Packaging
    • Kraft Packaging
    • Palletizing – Eye horizontal/ Eye vertical
    • Strapping – around bilge and through the eye

    Automated Bridge and Gantry Cranes

    As part of a plant wide material handling system or as a standalone machine, ADCL provides its clients with automatic and semi-automatic cranes for their mission critical production processes.  These cranes are rated for intense 24/7 service.

  • Other

    Fiberglass Bagging Systems

    Advanced Dynamics supplies fiberglass batt stackers, fiberglass balers, fiberglass choppers and folders to the insulation industry including all attendant conveying and handling systems.  Please contact us for your specific fiberglass handling and processing needs.

  • Aftermarket Services