Advanced Dynamics and our response to COVID-19

We hope this message finds you well and you and your loved ones are staying safe during these unfamiliar times.

Advanced Dynamics has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and is devoted to doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our employees, customers, and suppliers while continuing to service you and your business.

Advanced Dynamics will remain open with reduced staffing during the Quebec mandated lock down, which currently lasts until April 13th.  During this time AD’s spare parts department will continue to actively process and expedite spare part orders, and stay in close touch with key suppliers. We will also work with our client’s mills and plants to support “quick manufacture” of specific AD parts that are deemed to be “emergency”.

AD service groups will also remain activated to support work in the field.  Although returning service personnel are required to quarantine for 14 days upon to return to Quebec, we will utilize remote support technology to keep our clients operations running, to the best of our abilities. Service personnel released from quarantine will be promptly rescheduled to sites, where local laws allow. Contact our service coordinators to set up a specific plan for your needs.

AD Project work is continuing with many office people working remotely. Please continue to direct any communications on your project through your designated AD project manager or sales representative.

We look forward to resuming normal operations after April 13th.  We will provide updates as this situation progresses.

Finally, we would like to notify you that starting March 13th we suspended entry to our facilities for all non-essential visitors.  As part of this effort we implemented safe work practices and social distancing to better preserve the health of our employees, and to ensure the best support to our clients.  These rules will continue until further notice.

Director – Service Department:                 Eric Landry (450) 653-7220 ext 230.

Spare Parts Coordinator:                         Kristin Fradette (450) 653-7220 ext 291.

Supervisor – Installation & Commissioning: Fatima El Aiboude (450) 653-7220 ext 209.


24/7: +1 514-237-8495