Advanced Dynamics and an update for our COIVD 19 response.

Over the past three months we’ve all had to deal with an unprecedented challenge with the COVID 19 pandemic.  As restrictions are being lifted and we’re able to resume some form of normalcy.  We’d like to share with you that Advanced Dynamics is gradually opening its doors. The safety of our employees, families, partners, and customers remains a top priority for us. New safety and housekeeping procedures have been put into place to keep us all healthy.

Advanced Dynamics over the past few weeks has been resuming all of our operations and we’re almost back to full staffing in our manufacturing and assembly areas. Some of our office staff will remain working from their home offices to help limit the number of people within the production and office spaces, as mandated by the Quebec Government.  However, soon we believe we’ll all be back together again as one family.

Advanced Dynamics remains open for business, so if you require any service support; from spare parts to trouble shooting to installation guidance we’re here! Contact one of our service coordinators noted below.  Our business development sales teams are also always available to contact either for a new project, ongoing projects, or continuous improvement projects.  If you need to reach out to one of team members please send an email to or visit

Finally, please be aware, our facilities remain restricted to all non-essential visitors until further notice.  As part of this effort we continue safe work practices and social distancing to better preserve the health of our employees, and to ensure the best support to our clients.

Key Contacts:

Director – Service Department:                       Eric Landry (450) 653-7220 ext 230.
Spare Parts Coordinator:                                   Kristin Fradette (450) 653-7220 ext 291.
Supervisor – Installation & Commissioning: Fatima El Aiboude (450) 653-7220 ext 209.
24/7: +1 514-237-8495